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Please use your sessions and gift certificates to the end of the month of September 2016.
For more information please call us 289 232 6153 or 647 637 4282

Till end of September only SPECIAL:
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For combination of inhalation session with foot reflexology and/or Reiki - add extra $35/pp for 1/2 hr session!


Increasing pollution of the environment diminishes number of places where we can breathe deeply without risking breathing in dust and impurities.
Salt Cave Health Care Wellness Centre was established to nourish a person's well being. We bring un-matched, one-of-a-kind tradition of mineral salt healing coupled with innovative modern massage therapy.

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On August 18th Global Television paid us a welcome visit.
Thank you for dropping by and see you soon!

Located in the Mississauga, we are proud to open our doors for public and corporate use.

To improve your mental and physical condition we offer you the SALT CAVE .


Jagoda, (289) 232-6153
The mineralized air in the Salt Cave contains trace of the following minerals:

  • Calcium -increases defensive forces of the body resistance to infectious diseases, normalizes autonomic nervous system, prevents antiallergic reactions, and reinforces bone systems

  • Sodium - supports acidic - alkaline balance in the body, osmotic pressure and cell energetics

  • Potassium - acts against heart arrhythmia, against edemas and diuretically. Improves conditions of neuromuscular system and motor coordination

  • Magnesium - accelerates sending nervous impulses to muscles, acts as smooth muscle relaxant and as calming factor, anesthetizes, speeds up wound healing, lowers arterial blood pressure and prevents convulsions

  • Copper - improves function of the producing blood cells, increases hemoglobin level and decreases sugar level in blood, speeds up knitting fractured bones together, has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect

  • Bromine - lowers arterial blood pressure and prevents convulsions

  • Iodine - has anti-sclerotic effect, normalizes fat transformation in the body, and protects against radiation

  • Fluorine - strengthens bones and teeth, stimulates immunity and protects against radiation
Air in the Salt Cave is particularly helpful in treatment of the following conditions:
  • respiratory tract illnesses: chronic inflammation of mucous membranes, rhinitis and sinuses, throat and larynx, bronchial asthma, chronic inflammation of bronchi and lungs, pneumoconiosis;

  • allergies

  • hypothyroidism

  • vascular-cardiac ailments: circulatory insufficiency, post-infarction conditions, hypertension;

  • dermatological ailments: skin inflammation, psoriasis, egzema;

  • psychosomatic illnesses: neurosis, depression, exhaustion, stress resistance decrease;

Our Advice

Thank you for deciding to visit us, here are a few words of advice:

Please come at least 15 minutes before your session starts.

The temperature in the cave is much lower than room temperature. Please bring an extra layer of clothing and warm socks.

We provide warm blankets for your comfort.
Please keep in mind that wearing shoes inside the cave is not allowed.

See you soon